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Laser Hair Removal

An increased amount of men and women are looking for an alternative to the painful and distressing waxing and shaving but now unwanted hair is a thing of the past. At FaceSpa we use well trusted Cutera’s medical grade IPL laser. Why the machine matters? It provides consistent results; more permanent hair reduction and safer treatments and it can treat a wide range of different skin types and colours.

How does it work?

IPL laser works by targeting the hair follicles and disabling them so the hair doesn’t grow anymore. As hair follicles grow at different rates it’s important that treatments are repeated over a number of sessions, usually 4 to 8, to always try to target the follicles during its active growth phase. Other factors that influence the frequency of treatment are the thickness of the hair and the area treated.

We are very serious about safety and so prior to all our laser treatments we perform a short consultation and a Patch Test to assess your skin’s reaction to the procedure and also ensure your skin is well prepared for the treatment. This will reduce possible risks and complications and ensure we have a better understanding of which settings we’ll need to use for your specific skin type.

What do treatments feel like?

As a general rule IPL is considered a fairly comfortable procedure and doesn’t usually require the use of topical anesthetics. Every time the pulse of light is delivered you’ll feel a pinching sensation.
Afterwards your skin may feel warm and in some cases your skin will look red similar to a sunburn but usually won’t last more than a day.

What areas can be treated?

Due to the versatility of our machine we can treat pretty much most areas of the body where hair is found, including the face. We can also treat a wide range of skin types and tones.

Before and after pictures

   (*) Actual patient after treatment, results may vary

   (*) Actual patient after treatment, results may vary

  (*) Actual patient after treatment, results may vary