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Injections for men

The female population once dominated facial rejuvenation but aesthetic procedures for men are growing steadily. 

It may seem obvious, but men want to be better looking. Research shows male attractiveness is strongly linked to professional success, across the board, let alone in their personal lives. And with the increase of popularity of non-surgical procedures that means that Men have never been in a better position to start looking after their appearance.

But one must fully comprehend that facial rejuvenation for men requires a different approach, as we want to preserve the male characteristics with every treatment. It’s also true that men have different priorities when it comes to facial rejuvenation and that cannot be overlooked or ignored. Finally, men usually look for effective solutions and minimal downtime.

Men usually have coarser skin and don’t suffer as much with pigmentation so the most common procedures for men are facial injectables to reverse the signs of ageing(*) and smooth wrinkle and fine lines and also Skin Tightening to improve skin laxity. Problems such as frown lines, deep nasolabial folds, crow’s feet are amongst the most popular procedures. Men require more anti-wrinkle relaxants due to stronger muscles.

(*) varies for each individual.