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Our Unique Concept all about the face, literally

At FaceSpa we take a fresher and more comprehensive approach to facial aesthetics with the unique integration of face and mouth cosmetic treatments for results that are more cohesive, dramatic and just right for each individual(*).

In addition to the all-popular treatments such as microdermabrasion, Medi peels and Signature facials we also offer anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, Dermapen Skin Needling and more. Plus, we offer full range Cosmetic Dentistry through our sister company Proud Smile Dental to create an intricate synergy between face and mouth aesthetics, since some of the ageing problems on the face are of muscle/dental origin.

Our consultation process is comprehensive as we (really) take our time to understand your needs and discuss cosmetic solutions that may give you immediate results as well as a complete regimen to help you take care of your face in the long run. 

Our facilities are start-of-the-art and though we have high medical standards of infection control you’ll be pleased with our Spa-like environment and contemporary décor as well as the attention to detail in everything we do, from customer service to treatments and after care.

(*) Results may vary for each individual 

Our Team

Our Team [ Meet the FaceSpa Teams ]

  • Michelle Friebe - Dermal aesthetician

    Michelle is our Dermal Aesthetician. Michelle has been working in the beauty industry for many years now both in Australia and internationally and she has been teaching and training others in this profession at the Greyclay Skin College.

    Michelle has deep understanding about the skin and it’s conditions, especially conditions caused by sun damage, well known to be a common cause for premature skin ageing. She’s fully embraced our FaceSpa concept of delivering high quality and cohesive aesthetic treatments with a caring and gentle approach whilst incorporating some pampering to make her clients look and feel good.

  • Samanta - Front Office Coordinator

    Sam is our customer care manager. She’ll look after your treatment plan enquiries and the after care and she’s directly involved with everything that happens between you and the clinicians.

  • Jo Farrow - Front office coordinator

    Jo is our lovely front office coordinator at FaceSpa. Jo has a strong background in the dental/medical industry and now also shares the passion for facial aesthetics. She’ll be the first person you’ll probably speak to and she’ll take care of your appointment needs.

  • Dr. Erwin Vasconcelos

    Dr. Erwin holds a bachelor’s degree in dental science and has been practicing for more than 10 years. His special interest in all things aesthetics resulted in the creation of Proud Smile Dental Centre and now also FaceSpa Rejuvenation Clinic.

    Apart from his experience and strong focus on cosmetic dentistry Dr. Erwin has undergone training on facial aesthetics in the USA by Plastic Surgeons and he’s a member of the AAOPM (American Academy of Procedural Medicine)

    “I’m truly excited about FaceSpa! It’s the first of its kind and it’s a dream come true. Dentists are amongst the best professionals to deliver facial aesthetics as we not only receive greater levels of training on facial anatomy at University but we take care of one of the most important elements of the face, the smile. We also have a deep understanding of facial proportions, symmetry and the dynamics of speech and mastication which directly relates to the face, not to mention we perform more routine injections around the face than any other medical profession. I welcome you to the future of dento-facial aesthetics.”

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